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  • Tree planting in Delaware USA Image of an American Sycamore
    The Habitat Recovery & Kindness project started in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains, minutes from the Delaware River. Previously a commercial farm and junk yard, Tree Nation made it their mission to clean and restore the land as a safe and thriving home for native wildlife and the critters of their animal rescue as well. They felt so inspired taking on this endeavour that they have decided to expand. They are now planning to restore forests on land across the USA.
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  • saplings growing in a plantation working together to plant a sapling
    We are losing many millions of trees in the UK due to disease every year and Dutch elm disease has had the most devastating effect of them all. This coupled, to the lowest level of tree planting across the UK in recent years, means that woods and forests in the UK are seeing a very significant decline, apart from a few selected areas like the National Forest and the proposed Northern Forest. This is your opportunity to make a personal contribution to the reforestation of the UK, under a programme that will make a demonstrable difference ! Change Quantity to plant as many trees as you wish.
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  • nueva-aldea-biomass-power-plant-phase-2-3 nueva-aldea-biomass-power-plant-phase-2-2

    Price is for 1 metric Tonne (1,000 Kg) of carbon offset credit. Nueva Aldea 2 is a biomass power plant of 42 MW implemented by Celulosa Arauco y ConstituciĆ³n S.A., a leading forestry company in Chile. It uses black liquor from the pulping process as a renewable fuel source to cogenerate heat and power. The project prevents contamination and creates job opportunities in the region.

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