What is “carbon offsetting” ?

The idea is simple – the volume of carbon dioxide that you cause to be emitted by taking a flight, making a car journey or from your energy use in the home, office or factory, can be got back (or “offset”) by the world somewhere else, either in projects that draw in carbon dioxide, such as tree planting, or by funding alternatives to burning fossil fuels.

When you buy their products, companies are offering you the chance to tick a box saying “I would pay to offset” without telling you what is being purchased for you and what the impact of your money really has. Why tick that box without knowing what the offset project is ?

Save the Planet.org offers transparency and independence. We evaluate offsetting projects worldwide based on a number of verifiable criteria to bring you genuine, proven alternatives which really help our environment, to give you a choice and that you can check for yourself.

Make sure that your money is being well-spent and is genuinely making a difference to help save our planet.

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