Animal Cruelty: It’s Time You Actively Fight The Menace

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Animal cruelty practices are making over the world every day where millions of animals are killed ruthlessly. And perhaps there seems no end to this brutality of people starving their dogs to death or killing them to dine on a delicious meal for the day. 

The animal cruelty cases present several menaces acts, including intentional abuse, animal hoarding, simple or gross neglect, and animal sexual assault. This calls for an urgent need to implement strict laws guarding the lives of various innocent creatures who’ve got no one combating for their rights.

Causes of animal cruelty

There roots in no specific reason behind animal cruelty, and people, practicing it look no different than your neighbor, friend, or boss. However, many of the motives arise out of human self-interest that aligns similar to practices of child abuse or domestic violence. Herein one doesn’t see animal abuse as an immoral offense and can justify his/her behavior in myriad ways.

Yet, recent studies formulated some of the inflicts resulting in animal barbarity, including:

  • Animal use for monetary gains: Animals have been an easy source of earning profits. Selling animal meat, furs, pelts, or by-products, casting animal entertainment shows, etc., are popular money-making trades promoting the act of animal cruelty as a justifiable offense.
  • Disregarding animal emotions: Some people believe that animals don’t have any true feelings and that any behavior or action towards animals projects no harm to their well being. Nonetheless, the truth is that animals truly emote to their surroundings and feel every emotion from pain, joy, despair, hope, and loneliness.
  • Using animals as an object: Animals are often viewed merely as objects and not as sentient beings. They’re victimized as a means to dump and satisfy human emotions or needs. For instance, a hunter may view a rabbit as food for his family and not as a beautiful creature shot down in his rifle.

How can you fight this menace?

Now that you know how brutally these animals are being treated by us humans, it’s about time we take some meaningful steps towards curbing this. 

For this, we all need to pledge collectively to ensure that these poor souls can peacefully (and fearlessly) live on the planet. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some ways in which you can help eradicate animal cruelty:

  • It all starts with spreading awareness about the gravity of the situation. Kids can be taught from an initial level so that they learn to respect the lives of animals. 
  • Shifting to the vegan diet can be a viable solution when it comes to shaking the prevalent roots of animal cruelty. 
  • Next up, you can be mindful of consuming only those food products that are animal cruelty-free certified. 
  • Your beauty accessories might also be the culprit because this industry has had a terrible reputation for its regard for animals. 
  • Lastly, check the clothing you buy to ensure it doesn’t include animal-based leather or any other aspect that might point towards animal cruelty. 

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