Plant a tree in the UK

Plant a tree in the UK


We are losing many millions of trees in the UK due to disease every year and Dutch elm disease has had the most devastating effect of them all. This coupled, to the lowest level of tree planting across the UK in recent years, means that woods and forests in the UK are seeing a very significant decline, apart from a few selected areas like the National Forest and the proposed Northern Forest.

This is your opportunity to make a personal contribution to the reforestation of the UK, under a programme that will make a demonstrable difference !

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Tree-planting in England fell well short of targets in the past year new figures show, despite government promises to restore and plant new woodland across the country to combat the climate change crisis.

Only 1,420 hectares (3,507 acres) of trees were planted in England in the year to March 2019, against the government’s target of 5,000 hectares in the period, with smaller areas in Wales and Northern Ireland, at 500 hectares and 240 hectares respectively. The total tree cover of the UK is unchanged at 10% in England, 15% in Wales, 19% in Scotland and 8% in Northern Ireland.

The solution ? We use the local knowledge and expertise of tree planting partners to ensure the right trees are planted in the appropriate places. The trees are predominantly planted in school grounds, reserves and managed woodland where they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

Each tree planted helps to offset your environmental impact by “breathing” in CO2 emissions as it grows. The trees also provide sustainable habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape with native broad-leaved trees.

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